Some tips for home-made irrigation system

Do you want to manage your garden in a simple way?

Drip irrigation is an easy, effective way of giving your plants water when and where they need it---at their root zone. Drip watering prevents wasted water in areas that don't need it, and by denying water, you can prevent habitats for weeds to flourish. When you use this method, the water from soaker hoses or emitters slowly drips around the base of plants and provides the optimum amount of water, with little or no wasteful runoff. All you have to do is turn on the hose that connects your drip system to a faucet and let it run for an hour or so when needed.

Of course the best way is to set up an irrigation system with a water timer which could help you to control the whole system properly even when you’re away from the garden.

Here are some tips when designing an irrigation system:
1. Determine where your drip system needs to be.

2. Measure and cut your black hose to fit the area.

3. Place the black hose in the center of the bed where it will exist.

4. Using your hole punch, make holes for emitters where each plant you want to water will be.

5. Insert emitters into the holes you have punched in the black hose.

6. Place an end cap at the end of the black plastic hose.

7. Connect the system to a water timer connected on the water source.

8. Turn on the faucet and start the irrigation system.


Your best choice to buy the gift pack for Mother's day

Your best choice to buy the gift pack for Mother’s day

Are you still looking for an ideal gift pack to promote in Mother’s day?
Hereby would introduce you a very beautiful combo pack, it’s what women really want and need.

There are various floral patterns available as below :
*Metal nozzle or Plastic nozzle as optional
*Multi-patterns or tip nozzle head as optional

Gift pack content :
25ft garden spiral hose w/ both ends plastic quick connectors
1pce plastic floral patterns nozzle
1pce seat holder

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Which Type of Water Timer is the Best for Your Garden?

Whereas discussion on conservation and management of water has become a massive global concern,  have you ever think how to improve the value of your home with helpful garden watering device? and have ever think how to calculate quantities of water per irrigation?  It's very important to get it right in dry climates! 

Think about these professional Electronic Water Timer!!  With WF-8LCD "Flow Meter Timer", your garden will be reliable and conveniently watered and you will make sure your lawn gets the enough water with the least amount of waste.

  • More Features to your Best Choice on "Flow Meter Timer"


Easy start for watering your garden

To water your garden in a easy way, you could start with the simple garden hose nozzle combo-PC-20-1 KIT.

The twist nozzle, PC-20-1, it goes from a fine mist spray to jet spray that is easily superior to any handle-design hose nozzle. It's also easy to use. The twisting head moves with ease and is a joy to use!

The simple garden hose set includes:
2 quick snap-in connectors: for both end of your existing garden hose. One is with water stop for convenient use. Both 3/4” and 1/2” available.
1 tap adaptor: for threading to your garden faucet. Both 1” and 3/4” available.
1 reducer: for smaller diameter garden faucet if needed. Both 3/4” and 1/2” available.
1 twist nozzle: from mist to jet, for your all need! It could close completely without turning off the faucet.

PC-20-1 KIT packed in transparent double blister, elegant and plain package, users could recognize this as their demanded product.
Besides to sell directly, it’s welcomed to pack together with the garden hose as a complete hose nozzle set.

How to start with this basic hose nozzle set in your garden:
1.    Attach the tap adaptor to the faucet.
2.    Connect both quick connector to both end of hose.
3.    Snap in the twist nozzle to the quick connector(with stop)
4.    Turn on the faucet.
5.    Enjoy the convenience water device for garden watering, car washing and so on!

Prevent your water timer from freezing!

Many of the ponds we install include an auto-fill valve. This device keeps your water level consistent as ponds loose water due to splash and evaporation. We commonly install a simple water timer on the hose spigot, in order to feed the auto-fill every few days. Be warned! If you have one of these timers it is essential that you disconnect it during winter. Otherwise water will freeze, expand and break your nifty water timer. If you need any further help with your timer, please contact us by kanz@ms54.hinet.net


How to Clean a Hose Nozzle?

Garden hoses dispense an almost universal cleaning agent: water. So it might seem odd that from time to time, you actually need to clean your hose nozzle, the very thing that you use to clean so many other objects. Over time and with use, your hose nozzle might begin to build up chemical deposits from minerals in the water and store dirt and grime from its time in the yard and garden. Because of this, it is recommended that you clean your hose nozzle every 3 to 4 months.
things you'll need:
  • Bucket
  • Measuring cup
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves (optional)
  • Bleach
  • Mild dish-washing detergent
  • Sponge
  • Toothbrush
1. Unscrew the hose nozzle and set it aside.
2. Measure 4 cups hot water into the bucket.
3.      Put on your rubber gloves, if you choose to use them. These will protect your hands while working with the bleach.
4.      Add 1/4 cup bleach to the water in the bucket. The bleach kills bacteria growing in or on the hose nozzle.
5.      Add 2 tbsp. mild dish-washing detergent to the water and bleach solution.
6.      Place the hose nozzle in the bucket and allow it to soak for 15 minutes.
7. Wash the surface area of the nozzle, everything that is accessible, with the sponge.
8. Wash the inside of the nozzle, where it attaches to the hose, and the spout where it discharges water, with the toothbrush, dipping it into the cleaning solution as needed.

9.      Rinse the nozzle in cool, clean water.
10.  Set the nozzle on a flat, dry surface and allow it to air-dry.
11.  Dispose of the remaining cleaning solution by pouring down a drain, and rinse your bucket with clean water.
12.  Wash your hands or rinse your rubber gloves, using the mild dish-washing detergent to remove any traces of the bleach.
Tips & Warnings :
Bleach is extremely toxic to your health and should be kept away from the eyes and mouth. Keep it out of the reach of children, and wash your hands thoroughly when you are finished.

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YI ZUO’s Garden Connectors includes ON/OFF valves facilitate Watering your yard…

Gardening is a fun hobby for most of people. It allows them to be outside growing and beautify the flowers and plants and even food in return. People enjoy it as it can be a great way to relieve stress and get some exercise.

To make this experience better it is important to have decent garden tools. This includes having a good garden hose, a functional form of garden hose storage and proper garden hose connectors.

Garden hose fittings generally refer to the connectors. The pieces that allow you to easily connect the hose to a spigot, a spray gun or to another hose. If the connectors go bad on your water hose it can create leaks.
YI ZUO’s connectors with dual shut-off cover one water tap into two outlets, each separately controlled, enabling different areas to be watered. For taps with 3/4" thread.
Allows two hoses to be connected to the same tap. 
One or both can be selected or the water can be turned off.
Complete with 3/4" thread and adaptors to suit 1/2" threaded taps.

Three-way connector designed to branch a hose in two directions.

Smart helper for watering your garden

As a gardening lover, you must take care your garden, especially for the watering.
Do not forget to water your plants and flower. Kanz’s water timer is your best choice to keep them green and vibrant!

The best selling water timer, easy to set up, very beautiful price, never miss it!
Just some simple steps to set it.
1. Put in the batteries
2. Set the programmer
3. Screw it to the faucet
4. Start it!

 Mechanical Water Timer—General Description
Swivel nut for easy connection.
Running water pressure: 10~116 PSI
Equipped with ball valve.
Batteries: two AA (1.5Volt) batteries
Tap/Faucet connector: 3/4”
Hose connector: 3/4”
Manual on/off allowed.

Rotary knob for easy setting up
Delay run time function

Fashion water Nozzle&Coil Hose combo to mist watering your beautiful garden

Special price for Combo pack:

Window box with -

8 spray Patterns which is made by strong material of Zinc Alloy body with Brass nut,
very elegant flowery pattern and metal front pull lever with lock.

Perfectly match with 25ft PU recoil hose as a Gardening gift for ladies who enjoy building up their gorgeous garden.